Pornostjerne betroelser II

Vi skrev for en stund siden en artikkel med noen med noen pornostjerne betroelser og den falt vist I smak.
Så vi har samlet noen flere og håper de også faller i smak…

Bree Olson, en av Charlie Sheen sine ex kjærester om hva slags menn hun liker:

”I like older men becouse they appreciate me more than younger men do and they don’t take me as much for granted. Looks don’t matter to me…”


Lisa Ann om forhold:

“I have between 15 and 20 men in my life right now and they are comfortable with that fact. I’m very good at texting, and because I so much I have downtimes at airports so I can keep all those relationships alive and kicking.”


Brittany Andrews om hvordan hun finner seg nye elskere:

”I put  up an ad on Myspace looking for male models as playthings. If it’s just sex, why shouldn’t it be with the most beautiful person you can get? My last male-model was a little dumb, but that’s ok, I don’t want them to talk all that much.”


Sabrina Maree har ikke sex med gutter på film, men når hun ikke er foran kameraet har hun det:

”You date a guy without sleeping with him, and then you come down to it and it’s small. You feel cheated – all that time you wasted, and for nothing. So I have decided to have sex on the first date.”


Sophia Santi om falske og ekte orgasmer på film:

”There are directors who tell you when to come and that’s when I pretend to come, but I love to work with Elegant Angel, becouse they give you a vibrator and tell you to have a real orgasm.”


Ashley Steel har vært å se på blant annet Playboy TV og I Pentoude, foruten en rekke erotiske filmer.

“I defiantly give great head, I really am good at it. I know this because I used to give horrible head, like many other women out there”


Brittany Andrews om å gi ham den ultimate orgasme:

”I have invanded more than a thousand mens asses, and the majority of men who I have molested had never had it done to them before.”


Mary Carey, har over 80 filmer bak seg og stilte I 2005 til guvernørvalget I California.

”I don’t masturbate. I’ve always thought , if I’m horny, I’ll just get a guy and get laid”


Stormy Daniels om onani:

“I masturbate at least once a day. I usually do it right before bed. It helps me relax and fall asleep. I have never been into toys, my right hand does the trick just fine.”


Jesse Jane om onani:

“I masturbate all the time.”

Lisa Ann liker å se på sine egne pornofilmer, med seg selv I hovedrollen når hun har sex.

Stormy Daniels kunne aldri gjort det…

Pornostjerner er i likhet med alle oss andre ”vanlige” mennesker, forskjellige.