Pornostjerne betroelser

Vi har samlet noen intime betroelser fra forskjellige mer eller mindre kjente pornostjerner.
Her kan man få noe å trekke på smilebåndet av i hvert fall.

Angela Aspen, også kjent som Glamazon, et kallenavn hun har fått fordi hun er 180 cm høy.

”If I pick doggy-style, it means I think you are ugly, becouse in that position I don’t have to look at your face”


Nevaeh tidligere penthouse pet og stjerne I en rekke jentesex filmer, om hva pornobransjen har lært henne:

”I’ve learned to fake a really good orgasme”

Ron Jeremy, trenger i grunn ingen introduksjon, står i guiness oppført som det med flest pornofilmer.

“I would like to get married and I still think I can find that right person. Ideally, If I met a women  who brought other women home, that would be great.”


Tera Patrick om hvorfor hun ikke pleier å bruke lang tid på å date.

”I belive in try before you buy, I see your dick, if I don’t like it, I won’t go there.”


Jessica drake om fantasier:

“I dream and masturbate to the thought of me breaching an area that is mens only, like a cigrabar or  a locker room. When I’m discovered, they all have their way with me. I love the thought of servicing all of them as they take turns with me.”


Kirsten Price om hvordan man kommer ned I buksa hennes:

”Making me laugh is the quickest way to get into my pants….. The only thing worse than a man that can’t dress, is a man that can’t kiss, I feel like like if you don’t know what to do with your tongue, the how the hell are you going to do with your penis?! Or more important, my vagina.”


Lynn Lemay om monogamy:

“I’m trying something totally new for me off camera, and that’s monogamy. It’s not so bad! My man needs to take lots of naps to satisfy me, but I think he’s enjoying himself.”


Lynn Lemay om swinging:

“I took my man to a swingers party and he almost crawled under the table, so no, he’s not into the swinging thing.”


Allie Haze om analsex:

“There are things I don’t like and there are things I don’t do. When a guy licks his finger, I know he’s going to stick it up my butt, so I will casually lean in and whisper real quick: don’t even think about it”


Stormy Daniels om hvordan hun liker sex:

”I’m into everything except being spanked; I find it distracting and annoying.”


Angelina Valentina om hvor hun er fra:

”I’m from Kentucky, but when you are as sexual as I am, it really doesn’t matter what state you are from.”